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Why Abrasive Waterjet Cutting is a Superior Alternative for Cutting Processes

Abrasive waterjet cutting is considered as a non-conventional cutting process. It comes under the group of non-traditional processes, which includes ultrasonic machining and waterjet machining. Abrasive waterjet cutting has been gaining immense popularity as an excellent method to cut a variety of materials. A number of companies are realizing the benefits of using abrasive waterjet cutting techniques in their manufacturing processes. So much so that it is being labeled as an alternative production technology.There are various reasons for this technology being seen as an alternative to conventional cutting processes.Waterjet Cutting Techniques use Efficient Processes and Technologies for Cost-effective ProductionAbrasive waterjet cutting utilizes the latest in CAD and CAM technology to ensure superior cutting. Other parameters such as feed motion speed, contour sections, and pressure are also taken into consideration. CAD/CAM Technologies for New DesignsNew products can also be designed using abrasive waterje...


How to Control Dust from Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is used in several industries and one thing is common to all; the dust that it causes. Even though the dust particles that result will differ according to the material being blasted, all can create an unhealthy work environment unless measures are undertaken to reduce the dust. This can only be done with the proper dust extraction and control equipment.Dust in the atmosphere can cause skin rashes, breathing difficulties and even lung cancer over time if it is not controlled. Since no company wants to lose their employees in this way or be liable to litigation, it is essential to install the right equipment to remove the dust and ensure the environment is clear and clean. This can only be done by consultation with experienced professionals in the field of dust control.What is installed will depend a great deal on the size of the work area and the kind of material that is undergoing abrasion. Some materials will form fine powder type dust, while others will have larger particles that need to...


What Types Of Industrial Abrasives Are Available?

Industrial Abrasives are used for transforming a smooth surface to a rough one or rough to a smooth one. Also, these can be used to remove contaminants from the surface of a body. Rubbing of two hard surfaces, one that of the abrasive and another of the workpiece, polishes or refines the workpiece that can be jewelry item or food material like rice, etc. Since Industrial Abrasives are hard minerals they wear out the parts of the workpiece to give it a smooth finish. Abrasives find application in different industries including Glass industry, Automobile industry, Food industry, etc. There are different types of Industrial Abrasives such as Bonded Abrasives and Coated Abrasives. Bonded Abrasives: Bonded Abrasives contain a mixing agent called binder. Abrasives stick with this binder and are then used. This binder can be a resin, rubber compound, clay, wax, etc. This kind of abrasive is available in different shapes and structures such as rectangular or circular block pieces. The abrasives that fall under this ...


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